The Roulette Variations You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Roulette game is fun but after some time, one might get bored with it. It would be great fun if you can enjoy the familiarity of the game by playing it with different rules. There are many variations of roulette that are available. Listed below are few of the variations of roulette game. You could even check out them at jawa99 online gambling sites.

Variations in Roulette

Back to back roulette- In this variation, there is an optional side to bet on the player’s lucky number. If the number gets hit twice, then on the bet you will win 1200 to 1.

Double action roulette- In this variation, everything gets mixed up. Rather than having one wheel, this game will have 2 wheels. One wheel would be inside another one. The ball would land between two wheels which results in 2 winnings numbers in every spin. The player has the option to either opt for the number in inner wheel, outer wheel or on both.

Diamond roulette- This variation adds additional color to mix. Rather than just having black and red, the diamond roulette will have colors like green, purple, yellow, black, red and blue. Each color get corresponds to six numbers.

Alphabetic roulette- The alphabetic roulette replaces the numbers with letters of the alphabet. In this case, you would have 25 possibilities of getting a single letter from A to X.   Then there is one possibility of getting Z or Y as they occupy same space on table and wheel.

Double ball roulette In this game variation, the game comes with 2 balls. It is almost similar to the regular roulette but with an exception as it has an extra ball. If the player makes an outside bet, then in order to be the winner, both the balls have to win whereas, for inside bet, either ball will be counted as a win.

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