Seven Easy Ways to Overcome Surprising Losses from Gambling Online

It could be sometimes that luck is not on your side and cards are just not working out as you got surprising losses all of a sudden. Don’t worry, these are Seven Easy Ways to Overcome Surprising Losses from Gambling Online to be back in game.

  • New Sign Up Bonuses: It is time to try out a new online casino if things are not going as expected. Searh for a new experience and different ways of improving luck like playing a new game. Check out new sign up no deposit bonuses and incentives for new registrations.
  • Loyalty Promos & Bonus: Not all rewards are basis huge deposit amounts. It may even include trips, prizes and free games etc. Some casinos allow free play. This is good time to make up for surprising unexpected losses and win some games.
  • Play New Games: Changing games could help for luck not going your way. Try new games where you do not have to play against the house as you play other players. Different gaming website for blackjack online casino Bola 333 poker games might help out for surprising losses from gambling online.
  • Improvise Your Game: It is important to take note that chaning and getting better at blackjack strategy and poker will help you practice gaming till you get perfect.
  • Consistent Bets: Onliner gamers and casino gamblers feel they must invest more and gamble more to make up for big losses so, play smart and bet small.
  • Walk Away: It could be too many games that is making you lose and you need a change of time and space. So, walking away helps sometimes.
  • Play as Planned: It is natural to feel that playing the next hand will improve things. It is painful to walk away as loser but that would help. Maybe another day will get you luck!

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The Roulette Variations You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Roulette game is fun but after some time, one might get bored with it. It would be great fun if you can enjoy the familiarity of the game by playing it with different rules. There are many variations of roulette that are available. Listed below are few of the variations of roulette game. You could even check out them at jawa99 online gambling sites.

Variations in Roulette

Back to back roulette- In this variation, there is an optional side to bet on the player’s lucky number. If the number gets hit twice, then on the bet you will win 1200 to 1.

Double action roulette- In this variation, everything gets mixed up. Rather than having one wheel, this game will have 2 wheels. One wheel would be inside another one. The ball would land between two wheels which results in 2 winnings numbers in every spin. The player has the option to either opt for the number in inner wheel, outer wheel or on both.

Diamond roulette- This variation adds additional color to mix. Rather than just having black and red, the diamond roulette will have colors like green, purple, yellow, black, red and blue. Each color get corresponds to six numbers.

Alphabetic roulette- The alphabetic roulette replaces the numbers with letters of the alphabet. In this case, you would have 25 possibilities of getting a single letter from A to X.   Then there is one possibility of getting Z or Y as they occupy same space on table and wheel.

Double ball roulette In this game variation, the game comes with 2 balls. It is almost similar to the regular roulette but with an exception as it has an extra ball. If the player makes an outside bet, then in order to be the winner, both the balls have to win whereas, for inside bet, either ball will be counted as a win.

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10 Most Common Gambling Mistakes Made at Online Casinos

In life, everyone commits mistakes some point or the other.   It is similar for the gamblers too. An experienced gambler too would have had his share of bad movies in his gambling career.  In order to avoid making blunders, you need to keep in mind the below-mentioned points.

Common mistakes to avoid while gambling

  • Registering yourself under a fake identity- You would be new to the gambling world and you might prefer to be anonymous. Hence you will register yourself under a fake identity. This is the biggest mistake you can make. All the reputable casinos will definitely verify the personal details given by you before they pay you the winning amount.
  • Failing to check the payment method used by the casino- When you are in a hurry to get yourself registered and start gambling, you will miss out to check the payment method used by the casino. It is advisable that you pick those casinos which use your preferred payment method.
  • Missing the bonuses- Most of the casinos offer loyalty points and complimentary freebies to the customers. Before you begin gambling, do check up on all the things is offered by the casinos.
  • Blame others for losses- Losing is a part of the gambling games. Do not try to vent out your anger and disappoint on other players. Try to get yourself familiarized with the game by going for free slots play.
  • Do not forget to take your identity proof along with you. You will have to show a proof of age.
  • Do not assume the rules are same for all the games. It might differ from casino to casino.
  • Do not mishandle the chips or cards.
  • Do not ask the dealer for advice.
  • Do not overspend than your set budget.
  • Do not pick up unauthorized casino dealers.
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Read this to Change Your Online Betting fortunes

Although the industry of betting and gambling majorly depends on the favors of luck, the knowledge on the game and players is very important to place the right bet thereby earning a lucrative amount post the bet. Betting could lead to a fortune when it is done perfectly. The basics steps which one needs to do while making up their mind to place a bet are the following and following these will change their fortune forever.

Knowledge is power – It is very important to know every single detail on the team or player or game you are possibly planning to bet. It is also important that you only focus on the knowledge and keeps all your emotional attachment as a backseat. A basic research on the game, players, and team and other details like weather, a form of players and pitch are all equally important while placing a bet. No detail is unnecessary and every single point you choose to ignore might cost you your fortune.

Choosing the right Website – When you have made up your mind on betting in favor of a team or player, the second important thing is to find websites which have a good reputation. There are quite a lot of them and it could be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. Csgo bets are one of them where the deals are quite fair. Also, it is important to choose website after a decent research based on the following –

  • Reviews on the website.
  • Ratings of the website
  • Customer reviews and feedback on how the whole experience was for them
  • Neutral peers advise on which website is best
  • Doing a research online on which site will work best for you.
  • Choosing the website which overall satisfies all your requirement to tee.
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How To Start Your Own Online Gambling Business?

Are you fond of gambling online? Do you like to wager sports bets on vanarama national league south fixtures? Or, do you find those online casino games very tempting? Well, there are thousands of people like you who find it absolutely exciting to wager bets sitting at home, then why not to start your own gambling business online which will not only offer others a platform for betting but also you can have a good source of income. The following steps can help you to get started:

  • First step is to find a gaming software provider which is reliable enough. Take time for evaluating the quality of services that a software provider offers. You must pick the one which understands the online gaming industry. Go for software which provides payment options supporting multiple currencies, an advanced gaming management system, a customizable front end, large coverage of betting markets, customer support and gambling license.
  • Once you finalize the software provider, you need to decide whether you are going to offer only those popular casino games like roulette, blackjack, slots, poker, baccarat or bingo. Also, you have to come up with a live casino module if you want to provide user friendly interface as well as live video streams. Plan some extra feature like statistics on players, real time chat rooms tournament play or bonus creation options.
  • You have to get a license for gambling to run your business legitimately. So, in whichever country you want to run your gambling business, you have to apply for a license. You might get it within few months or it can even take a whole year.
  • To keep your players loyal to your site, do offer them bonuses like for signing up with your site or you can offer some free bets for the new members.
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Which Roulette Systems Actually Work


There are many strategies on how to increase your odds playing Roulette. Here we are going to talk about the best approach to help you win.

The Matingale – Here we will be using a betting progression not a system for bet selection. Remember the odds don’t change all you are doing is changing the bed size on different spins. You can do well initially but as always the house always wins the losses will happen rapidly.

The Kavouras Bet – This uses the theory that the beds are ingeniously chaotic and spread around the wheel to prevent cheating. So if you first use the bet selection for single unit numbers in the corner and double numbers on the spill. This is a good way of managing your money.

Tier et Tout – Again this is using a betting progression strategy. This doesn’t consider the winning number, but does change the odds. Just make a variety of bets using different amounts of money. This will be really fun way of playing the game to make more money.

John Solitude Raindrop Strategy – This method uses the assumption that eventually you’re going to win. It doesn’t work because you know where the ball is going to land. If you are random and the roulette is random you will win as some point.

There are a plethora of theories and other strategies out there but you’ll find that many of them are the same and are just put together in different ways. I just wanted to show you here how to develop a better understanding of how to establish a winning strategy. I took many years to understand these winning strategies and why other systems failed. Remember that the odds of winning are fixed 1 in 37 so you can expect to win very infrequently unless you use these techniques. Also, the wheel doesn’t care if your winning or losing, it’s up to you.

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